Recreational / Land / Sea

Marina Cove Resort recreational department will organize you request or to create your recreational to make your stayed most memorable one.

Experience The Island Hopping with 50 hp touring boat to Pangkor Island. Snorkeling at the Pangkor’s Giam Coral Island and shopping the dry seafood right at the manufacturer place. 

Sea Fishing Trip around Pangkor Island deep sea. The experience operator will bring you to the spot. Just for experience, the operator will provide you with the fishing line and hook and also the baits.

For those who just want to be in resort, our recreational personnel will be able to organize the Treasure Hunt or Telematch.

Rates please refer to our Sales department in Kuala Lumpur or Resort.


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How To Get There?

Are You Wazer?
  • - From Penang, take exit at Simpang Pulai to Pantai Remis - 1 hr
  • - From KL, North-South Highway, exit at Bidor - 1 hr
  • - From Kuala Lumpur Trink Road - Kuala Selangor - Sabak Bernam - Seri Manjung - Teluk Batik - 2½ hrs
  • - From Bidor town, junction signage to Seri Manjung, Lumut - 1 hr
  • - Follow signage to Lumut. Before arriving Lumut town, follow signage to Teluk Muruh / Teluk Batik, pass Naval Camp. 1st junction on the left, 1 KM arrived at Marina Cove - 10 mins from traffic light junction.
  • - Total driving time from Kuala Lumpur Highway to Marina Cove approximately 3 hrs.